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Explore art and information made by student protesters and those inspired by their efforts along with documentation of their activism.

Cover art for Vol. 1 Issue 2 of UW- Madison's Tezcatlipoca.

[Untitled poem], Adelante! 3 (November 10, 1974): 8.

Published in Topeka by El Centro de Servicios Para Mexicanos.

Our skins are different colors

Our foods are not the same

You even hate to talk to me

‘Cause you can’t pronounce my name

Our dances are also different

Of course that’s plain to see

But when I dance it my way

Why should you make fun of me.

You show discrimination

Prejudice and bigotry

And then you turn around and say

That you know what’s best for me.

I live a life so different

From the one you claim to see

My life is filled with happiness

And a love that’s always free.

My pride is very great

And very hard to please

You see I’d rather die on my feet

Than to ever live on my knees.

Cartoon featured in the January 1980 issue of El Laberinto. Scan from University of Iowa Digital Libraries.

[Tino Villanueva, untitled poem], Adelante: Young People For Community Action 3 (April 1969)

I’m sitting in my history class,
The instructor commences rapping, I’m in my US history class
And I’m on the verge of napping.

The Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock. Tell me more, tell me more!
Thirteen colonies were settled
I’ve heard it all before.

What did he say?
Dare I ask him to reiterate?
Oh why bother.
It sounded like he said,
George Washington’s my father.

I’m reluctant to believe it,
I suddenly raise my mano.
If George Washington’s my father, Why wasn’t he Chicano?

Portrait of Sal Castro: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; acquisition made possible through the Smithsonian Latino Initiatives Pool, administered by the Smithsonian Latino Center©1992 George Rodríguez

A. Estrella [Untitled poem] InAmatlInXicanome 1, no.2, (December 1975), University Archives, University of Minnesota

Reason trying to bring order to

a Chaos that cries for

Its last break

Repressing the primal will to be free

The need to be free to think Without shackles

Of a society gone mad

The desire to be ones own self

Without having to fit a mold

The freedom to cry out! Raza!



"Latino Students gather in a hall of the Illini Union in a demonstration held on Founder's Day." Image and caption from the Daily Illini, Vol. 102, No. 105, Saturday, 3 March 1973.