Photo credit: Tom Hopcroft, “Where are all the Black and Latinx tech workers?” Mass Technology Leadership Council, 2 August 2020.


Does the digital sphere provide equal access to Latinxs to share and distribute knowledge as well as learn from others?

While coverage of Latinx issues, communities, and research is not regularly featured in mainstream print and broadcast media, entertainment media, or many traditional academic venues, in Chican@ and Latin@ Studies we know how vital access, representation, and voice in the digital sphere is for all underrepresented groups. Like the community newspapers, radio programs, and public access televisions shows created by Latinxs of previous generations to address Latinx issues, in today’s digital sphere multiple blogs, podcasts, websites, open educational resources, and online forums have emerged to share and distribute information, knowledge, and cultural entertainments among the diverse Latinx populations of the U.S.

This site features digital projects created by students in the UW-Madison course CHICLA 520: Latinx Digital Publics, led by Professor Theresa Delgadillo.  This course joins in exploring the digital sphere as a site of human interaction and a location for sharing and distributing research in Latinx Studies both within and beyond the academy. We invite you to read and share these digital research projects. Follow the links below to learn more about these topics. Each project is listed below for citation in your  own essay, article, book, or webpage.

"Latino Students gather in a hall of the Illini Union in a demonstration held on Founder's Day." Image and caption from the Daily Illini, Vol. 102, No. 105, Saturday, 3 March 1973.

Trimberger-Ruiz, Camila. “Nuestra Lucha: Chicane Student Activism & Protest in the Midwest.” Chican@ and Latin@ Studies Online, UW-Madison. 13 May 2022. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0